The total strength of the regiment was 2,327 members, of whom 692 were killed, wounded or captured, 94 died from accident or disease, and 27 perished in prison. 44 :2 June 2002. 43rd Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia, Army Battle Casualties and Nonbattle Deaths, Final Report (Statistical and Accounting Branch, Office of the Adjutant General, 1 June 1953), 43rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized), United States Army Center of Military History,, Infantry divisions of the United States Army, United States Army divisions during World War II, Military units and formations established in 1925, Military units and formations disestablished in 1963, Infantry divisions of the United States Army in World War II, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Headquarters Company (Putnam, Connecticut), 43rd Military Police Company (Danielson, Connecticut), 43rd Signal Company (Providence, Rhode Island), 118th Ordnance Company (Medium) (Providence, Rhode Island), 85th Infantry Brigade (New London, Connecticut), 85th Infantry Brigade (New Haven, Connecticut), 169th Infantry Regiment (Hartford, Connecticut), 102nd Infantry Regiment (New Haven, Connecticut), 170th Infantry Regiment (New Haven, Connecticut), 103rd Infantry Regiment (Portland, Maine), 68th Field Artillery Brigade (Providence, Rhode Island), 103rd Field Artillery Regiment (Providence, Rhode Island), 192nd Field Artillery Regiment (New London, Connecticut). On Dec. 5, the regiment returned to Petersburg and was posted near Fort Stedman. The 85th Brigade was allocated entirely to Connecticut, and consisted of the 102nd and 169th Infantry Regiments. The site's Guestbook has lots of entries by division members from The Division less the 172nd Regimental Combat Team, consisting of the 172nd Infantry Regiment, the 103rd Field Artillery Battalion and elements of Ordnance, Engineer, Medical and Signal Units, closed in New Zealand in October, 1942. TWS is the largest online community of Veterans existing today and is a powerful Veteran locator. The 43rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry was organized at Camp Butler, Illinois, and mustered in October 12, 1861. Vangunu and Rendova Islands against minor resistance, 30 June, but the enemy fought fiercely before relinquishing Munda and Autographed by many soldiers, including soldiers from Bangor, Hampden, and other parts of Maine. The 12th Armored Division's graves registration report dated February 23 indicates that the 43rd Tank Battalion tanks that were found knocked out in the town had been hit by panzerfaustsinfantry-held antitank weaponswhile the tanks on the eastern edge of the town had been devastated by high-velocity cannons. The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database lists 3,000 men on its roster for this unit. The only military casualty was Captain Elwood Euart, 103nd Field Artillery, who died while rescuing some of his troops. Initially assigned to Camp Blanding, Florida, the Division later trained at Camp Shelby, Mississippi and Fort Ord, California. "'Early's Command Is Done Gone'." Further jungle and realistic combat training took place. 4th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry (Militia) Organized at Boston May 27, 1862. Description: 0.1c.f. This is meant to be a comprehensive list. Located at the Military History Institute in Carlisle, PA. Stahl, Joseph. After training at Munda, the 43rd moved to Guadalcanal and thence to New Zealand for rest and rehabilitation. At Wisconsin Historical Society archives. Ipo Dam From Ft. Ord the Division embarked on ships for the South Pacific. The 170th Infantry was redesignated as the 102nd Infantry on 28 February 1924. The 103rd Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment of the United States Army that served in combat in the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II. It became a separate regiment deploying to the Pacific. Copyright, 2023, Sons Of Liberty Museum, Inc.,All Rights Reserved, Technician Fifth Grade Alfred J. Gauthier, Technician Fourth Grade Sebastian F. Santostefano. Division left Manila, 7 13 September, for occupation duty in Japan until it left for home. The 43rd Division is known as the Winged Victory Division derived from the name of its longtime combat commander, MG Leonard F. Wing. If you have any That year was extended for the duration after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese armed forces. The rosters show the men who served in each regiment, their residences, dates of enlistment and mustering out, and other remarks. Vela Cela and Baanga were taken easily, but the Japanese resisted stubbornly on Arundel Island before withdrawing, 22 September. The CT Guard retained its former unit designation as the 169th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division. 3, pages 272-273. The Japanese defenses of the island were such that the 43d bore the brunt of the fighting in securing positions on Lingayen Gulf. Company C - many men from Knox and Henry counties - Knox and Henry county web sites - Roster, vol. First reunion held at Camp Dempsey, Niantic, Connecticut, September 1947 Constitution and By Laws Article III: Purpose In 1953 the 43rd was redesignated the 5th Infantry Division. The 43rd was originally sent to Camp Blanding, Florida where it was based prior to participating in the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941 and the Carolina Maneuvers later that same year. 3, pages 266-268. arrived at Espiritu Santo, 26 October. Roster pages are from the same report found on the Internet Archives web site. Recruitment occurred at Camp Andrews, at Mount Vernon, Ohio, and the regiment mustered into service on February 7, 1862. Please refer to the organization that has made the Item available for more information. Home. 42nd Infantry Division - "The Rainbow Division" 43rd Infantry Division "Winged Victory Division" 44th Infantry Division 45th Infantry Division "Thunderbird" 63rd Infantry Division "Blood and fire" 65th Infantry Division - "The Battle-Axe Division" 66th Infantry Division -"Black Panther Division" before withdrawing, 22 September. The 68th Field Artillery Brigade located in Providence, Rhode Island consisted of the 103rd Field Artillery Regiment in Providence, the 192nd Field Artillery Regiment in Connecticut, and the 152nd Field Artillery Regiment in Maine. . It then shipped for a brief stay in New Caledonia. The 1920 amendments to the National Defense Act of 1916 provided for eighteen National Guard divisions. 43rd Infantry Division The Division Headquarters, the 102nd and 169th Infantry Regiments with the 963rd Field Artillery (105th) and the 192nd Field Artillery (105th) with detachments of combat support were organized in Connecticut. However if you are unsure which company your ancestor was in, try the company recruited in his county first. 3, pages 255-257. They had to learn the hard and bloody way, and they did. Roster. Campaigns: New Guinea, Northern Solomons, Luzon. Combat Support units were based throughout all three states. All rights reserved. One way we promote public education of military history is through our exhibits. 43d Infantry Division Pre-World War II Activated: 21 March 1925 as a National Guard Division in Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In June and early July 1943, the Division landed on Rendova and New Georgia Islands. Infantry Division "Winged Victory" Veterans Association The History of Fuller's Ohio Brigade, 1861-1865. and rehabilitation. The 6th corps was then stationed for a short time at Danville, Va., after which it participated in the grand review of the Union armies at Washington, where the 43d was mustered out on June 27, 1865. Cleveland. Division as . The 37th Infantry Division arrived in Fiji in June 1942 to fortify the islands against possible invasion. 1959. From the rock-bound coasts of Maine to half the islands in the Pacific and to Japan itselfthat is the war record of New Englands 43d Division. Abstract: Letters to Case's wife and father written during his participation in General George B. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign, 1863, and particularly during the Battle of Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. Rhode Island was home to Headquarters, 43d Division Artillery; the 103d Field Artillery Battalion; the 118th Engineer Battalion; and the 43d Signal Company. FS Library fiche 6118616 or film 1855026. (Microfiche of original published: Gettysburg, Pa. : J.E. > 1 item. Vela Cela and Baanga were taken easily, but the Japanese resisted stubbornly on Arundel Island before withdrawing, 22 September. Owirig to reduction in numbers, the regiment was consolidated on July 18, 1862, into a battalion of five companies. The three brigades of the Division were allocated so that the control could be centralized to the greatest extent. Volunteers; letters, orders, rolls, returns of Capt. In November the Division, minus the 172nd Regimental Combat Team, went on to New Caledonia. was secured and enemy opposition smashed in the Ipo area, 19 May. Welcome to the 43rd Infantry Division Veterans Association Kamakura Ipo Dam - Luzon, PI - 1945 Founded September 1945 in Kumagaya, Japan while the Division performed occupation duties. 37th Infantry Division troops carry weapons and ammunition forward, 5 August 1943 in New Georgia. In addition, the 68th Field Artillery Brigade was based in Providence, Rhode Island. The unit moved to Tennessee, then Mississippi where it placed under the command of General Barton in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The 43rd Division was mobilized for federal service on 24 February 1941. Winged Victory Division After training at Munda, the 43d moved to Guadalcanal and thence to New Zealand for rest and rehabilitation. One of the many distinctions achieved by the 43rd - it was the only Division to serve in four theaters of the Pacific campaign - South Pacific, Southwest Pacific, Philippines, and Japan. Before sailing, the division scored highly in Exercise Southern Pine in North Carolina in the fall of 1951. as of October 1948, are reproduced from The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Rendova served as the major staging point for the assault on the island of New Georgia. This page was last edited on 5 December 2022, at 19:51. Beginning United States Civil War Research gives steps for finding information about a Civil War soldier or sailor. World War Regimental Histories. He was in command of Stovall's Brigade at the Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina. First reunion held at Camp Dempsey, Niantic, Connecticut, September 1947. Do you have items such as papers, photos, uniforms, gear, guns, weapons and other artifacts? Pages 21 - 30 With the decision, following the World War, to organize two National Guard Divisions in each of the nine Corps Areas the 43rd Division came into being. > The deserved reputation of the 43d as a crack fighting regiment is confirmed by Col. Fox, who names it one of the "three hundred fighting regiments. . Roster pages are from the same report found on the Internet Archives web site. It served for a time under the command of General Leadbetter, then transferred to Gracie's Birgade. Awards: MH-2 ; DSC-40 ; DSM-2 ; SS-736 ; LM-53; SM-51 ; The division troops were then moved to Camp Stoneman near Pittsburg, California, and arrangements were made to send each man to the Army separation center nearest his home. As yet inexperienced in the ways of jungle fighting, the 43d was opposed by some of the crack elements of the Imperial Japanese Army. Ohio. 169th infantry regiment 43rd infantry division 169th infantry regiment 43rd infantry division. With elements of the Army, Navy and Marines, the 43d, in late June of 1943, assaulted New Georgia, landing on Rendova Island. Scrymser, James Alexander, 1839-1918. Landing on D-day on January 9, 1945, at Lingayen Gulf, the 43ds mission was to take the left flank and secure the hill masses and road network in order to block off the strong Japanese forces in the mountains at Baguio. Association: 43d Infantry Division Association, Room 200, State Armory, Maj. Gen. John H. Hester (August 1941-July 1943) The Division augmented by elements of the 37th and 25th Infantry Divisions secured the airstrip in early August 1943.
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