About the founders of MushConnect.com

Frans Steegh

I’m born as the oldest son in a typical Dutch farmer’s family. My father started in 1962 with the professional growing of mushrooms. At that time is was normal that the children had to some work on the farm and we as children, had only a little time was left for friends and playing.

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Sjaak Willems

Born in 1957, as the youngest son of a Farmer’s family; it was a mixed farm with a small number of cattle, pigs and chicken for arable farming. The farm was in the middle of the small city of Kessel.

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Wilke BV

The Wilke BV Mushroom farm was rebuilt in 2009, after that huge fire which destroyed the farm in 2007. In those 2 years I visited a lot of mushroom farms and technical companies. I spoke with many specialists about many important subjects for the assurance of a good future. With tons of information and ideas, I came to the conclusion that I needed the most innovative company in the mushroom industry to help me with brainstorming and designing; that was Panbo systems bv, a company which can really think out of the box.

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Heldenseweg 20
5995 RP Kessel
The Netherlands
Sjaak: +31 (0)6 3830 9295
Frans: +31 (0)6 2291 9417

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