The vision and mission of

Company Vision

Helping Mushroom growers to reach a higher knowledge level. Therefore, delivering / freeing them from traps of tunnel vision growing.

Company Mission

Mushroom growers are spread all over the world. They are often solo business operators. Most of them have skills about growing mushrooms learned by trial and error, however with a leakage of enough deeper fundamental  knowledge.

When things are going wrong it’s very Important to find the right professional knowledge in order to handle the problems adequately with the best possible solutions. aims to support you actively with much knowledge to improve your growing skills and techniques. We aims support your mushroom growth through more fundamental knowledge and insights.  Herewith you’ll get a higher quantity and quality of crops. A result of this is; that your customers will be more pleased therefore pay more money for your products. You’ll be able to provide them with the mushrooms they are asking for! contribute to acquiring the fundamental knowledge in all areas which are necessary  to grow mushrooms, for example:

  • All growing methods and issues
  • Quality of raw materials
  • Hygiene on and around the farm
  • Profound knowledge about Climate control
    • Air handling units
    • Air distribution systems
    • Climate control computers
    • Energy efficiency
  • Mechanization in the farm
  • Farm logistics
  • Planning and design of mushroom farms and compost yards

The people who work at are very connected with their members and colleagues. Everyone has his own specialism and enough overlap for a good cooperation. supports further professionalization through regular meetings, education and coaching to offer its employees.

Herewith we hope that we can enrich the lives of our members and their employees.

We enjoy sharing the knowledge we have with the majority of the mushroom growers in the world and helping them to optimize their income. training center

At the moment we develop a training centre which is linked to the professional mushroom farm “Wilke bv”. Wilke bv is the farm of Sjaak Willems. He is co-owner of

In this training centre we offer short intensive professional trainings with accommodation. The training centre is on the mushroom farm of Wilke bv.

Mushconnect Internet portal

We have built this internet portal so that worldwide mushroom growers can easily get knowledge, which is important for them. It’s also helpful so they can get in contact with other mushroom growers, experts and suppliers.

We provide especially to mushroom growers on this portal:

  • Getting knowledge of all aspects of growing mushrooms
  • Opportunity to make climate calculations
  • Get a member of the knowledge group
  • Take part in a training
  • Read and write in the forum
  • Live login on camera’s in the farm to watch how the mushrooms are growing
  • Follow the climate settings in combination with the camera
  • See what the impact is of the climate settings on the crop

More will follow. We are still working on it.

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